3 Reasons Why You Should Have Teak Wood As Your Home Decor

Your Home Deserves Nice Things

You work so hard and finally got a nest for your family, an area for your belongings, and a home to rest your head and heavy heart. You deserve to make it a place where you love being in and looking at- a place that rejuvenates your spirit and soul. But how do you do that? Luckily, I have a great interior design tip for you (especially for eager new homeowners). Whether your vibe is Em Henderson, Kim Kardashian, or Martha Stewart, teak wood is a simple go-to material for a home vision with countless possibilities (pintrest literally has infinite pages of different interior designs- it def can be overwhelming). And there are 3 reasons why you really need to use teak in your home.

Reason 1: Teak Wood Looks Beautiful

Like oak, mahogany, or walnut, Teak is known worldwide as a beautiful hardwood with delicate features. Teak has a very lovely tight grain and a warm yellowish brown color. It has a look of sophistication without being to try-hard (a house full of mahogany might seem needy) and even gets darker and more refined as it ages. Don't get me wrong, you should NEVER smother your house with any type of wood product (unless you want that scary movie cabin feeling). However, one or two teak items in a room surprisingly works really well. You should use it as a highlight feature that accentuates and gives character to your room.

Teak Looks Beautiful

teak wood is durable

Reason 2: Teak Wood is Easy to Take Care of and is Durable

Your life is busy- who has time to tediously maintain your home decor? Fortunately, teak wood home decor is very low maintenance (unlike your one friend that is extra af). In olden times, teak wood was used to make canoes for fishing and traveling and needed to be tough and water resistant for families to survive. Nowadays, teak wood is the preferred material for fancy yacht flooring or competitive rowing equipment because of how trusted it can be. We don't recommend you slamming teak wood on your kitchen floor, but all you really need to take care of it is to just occasionally wipe it down with a slightly wet cloth and it will stay as beautiful as the day you bought it. It's honestly like magic!

Reason 3: Teak Wood Smells Amazing

One enchanting feature of teak wood is its high oil content. This lovely feature keeps teak wood pest resistant (nobody wants uninvited creepy-crawlys around their house) and smell wonderful. Teak is even used nowadays in many popular "all-natural" perfumes (we don't want no parabens neither). Sometimes when I'm stressed, I just grab some teak and take a deep inhale of it to calm me down (OK that is kind of weird- but who isn't weird). However don't worry, the smell doesn't envelope your whole house(you still need to use your deodorant). It's just a nice perk you get when having teak home decor in your house. 

In Conclusion... 

If you want an easy to take care of, beautiful home decor piece that smells wonderful- choose teak wood. Then, invite your friends and family and sit back while they admire how sophisticated, classy, and smart you are :)


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